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The Add-On - Cork Yoga Blocks & Wheel


Elevate your yoga skill with this package which includes 2 Cork Yoga Blocks and 1 Cork Yoga Wheel.

The Cork Block is an eco-friendly block made of 100% recycled natural cork. Its nonslip surface is firmer than foam, absorbs sweat and therefore provides excellent grip and stability. A yoga block is an excellent tool that allows you to progressively achieve full stability in various poses while slowly expanding your range of flexibility. It is manufactured without toxic chemicals, highly durable and biodegradable, making it the perfect choice for fitness enthusiast looking for an ethical product to include in their exercise routine.

The Yoga Wheel is a versatile fitness tool designed to stretch, improve flexibility and release tension and back pain. It is suitable for beginners, who can use it to reach more complex postures as well as advanced yoga and pilates practitioners for challenging poses. Exercising with a yoga wheel has proven benefits for the relief of back and neck pain. The textured, natural cork surface of this wheel is comfortable to the touch and provides stable grip. The inner wheel is of ABS material composed of cork grain.

Product Dimensions:

Blocks Size: 3’’ x 6’’ x 9’’ (each)

Wheel Size: 32cm x 13cm

Dhs. 229.00