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LOVE necklace with pearls


The jewelry we put on is like details in a portrait. The massive silver chain is like a clear stroke of black ink. The cuff on the cartilage of the ear is a small but striking element of the cubic projection. Pearl choker with silver letters - impressionistic highlights and spots. Mother-of-pearl pearls are like separate strokes of pastel paint. The glittering letters in motion due to the turn of the neck are like abrupt brush marks, like the trembling of air on Monet’s canvases. Tenderness, romance, lightness – that’s what this short necklace will bring to your look. And as long as it attracts glances and the desire to examine the appearance from different angles, you will feel the approach of spring. Chain length 35 cm. Letters height 0.7 cm, hearts height 0.6 cm.

Dhs. 239.00