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Tower 24 Macassar – Watch Winder

Tower 24

The Tower 24 is a luxurious cabinet with impressive hidden features that seem straight out of a James Bond movie. To open the cabinet, you will have to tap an access card at a secret area on the cabinet’s door. Once opened, you will be able to immediately access 12 watch winders, and with the touch of a button, these 12 watch winders will swivel until they are out of your sight, and will reveal another 12 hidden watch winders.

Below the watch winders are 4 drawers that pop out when you push them inwards. These drawers come with organized slots for more watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry or accessories. The interior of the drawers is lined with luxurious suede to protect your belongings from scratches.

With all the above features, this luxurious cabinet is designed for the ultra-high net worth individual who loves surprises and who is obsessed with arranging his/her accessories neatly.


Hidden Watch Winders

At the touch of a button, the front panel with 12 watch winders will swivel 180 degrees and reveal another set of 12 watch winders at the back. Perfect for hiding your expensive watches or just to impress your friends!


Drawer Organization

Organize your jewelry, accessories, and other valuables in our drawers with specially designed slots. The drawer interiors are lined with ultra-soft suede that protects your jewelry from scratches. The 4 drawers that come in the Illusion 24 cabinet have the following configuration: Universal drawer, Jewelry drawer, Accessories drawer, 18-watch slots drawer.


Rotation Mode

Each watch winder's rotation configuration can be customized using a remote control, or via the touchscreen control panel (limited configuration options). The available customization is:
- RPH (Rotations Per Hour)
- Rotation Direction: Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, Bi-directional.


Adaptable Watch Holder

Spring-loaded watch holders adapt to any watch sizes from ladies' watch to men's watch. The watch holders are lined with high-quality soft material that is friendly to leather, silicon, rubber straps, steel, gold, ceramic bands.


Black Shadow Finish

Black Shadow finish combined with Black Piano finish.


LED Lights

Comes with LED lights that automatically turn on when the watch winder window is open. LED light can be switched on even when the window is closed by pressing a button.



DC Adaptor 120V - 240V.



Using type AA batteries filled with 4 pcs.


1 Year Warranty

The watch winder comes with a 1-year warranty that covers electronic and rotor damage.

Detail Specification:

  • Dimension: L. 500 x W. 590 x H. 1230

  • Weight: 110 kg

  • Capacity: 24 watches (rotate)

  • Motors: 24 (dedicated)

  • Exterior Finish: Black Shadow' design with high gloss, polished lacquer

  • Interior Finish: Premium black velvet

  • LED Lights: Yes

  • Rotation Mode: Fully customizable, remote control

  • Accessories: Key-Card digital lock, power adaptor and Remote Control

  • Power: Adaptor and uses 4 AA batteries.

Dhs. 85,000.00