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The Yogi Set


Choose one of our best selling mats and combine it with a matching yoga strap, yoga towel and shoulder bag. Options include:

  • The Mat - Black Mat with Black strap, Black Towel & Black yoga bag

  • The Cork - Cork Mat with Black strap, Black Towel & Cork yoga bag

  • The Suede - Green mat with Black strap, Black Towel & Black yoga bag

Product Dimensions:

Size: 183 cm x 61 to 68 cm, 4 mm thick to 5mm thick depending on model selected.

Weight: 2.40 kg to 2.80 kg depending on model selected.

Care Instructions:

Opening: Yoga mats may release a slight but harmless odor when first unwrapped. Please unroll and air out your mat for 1-2 days before use. Your new yoga mat may start out with 'curly corners'. These will ease off over time and you will have a beautifully flat mat to practice on. It may help to roll the mat inside out while storing it away.

Cleaning: Natural rubber has a more open cell structure than other rubber types. This means the mat absorbs water. Please don't immerse or soak your natural rubber mat in water. Spray your mat with a vinegar/water solution and wipe it down with a soft cloth. You can do this regularly to make sure your mat stays fresh and hygienic.

Drying: Dry your mat away from direct sunlight in a well-ventilated space. Hanging your mat is preferable as air can circulate freely around the surface. Don't use a dryer, it may deepen the smell of rubber and damage the material. If your mat has gotten a little too wet gently press it between 2 towels before air-drying.

Storing: The mat may fade and become brittle and unusable if exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. We recommend storing your mat in a mat bag when not in use and away from sunlight exposure.

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