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Rosché Whispering Breeze Cropped Linen Shirt

Introducing our Whispering Breeze Cropped Linen shirt, a captivating blend of romantic design and light, pastel hues. This shirt is a delicate ode to the beauty of soft breezes and sweet moments. Its intricate and interesting design evokes the feeling of a gentle whisper of love. Crafted in dreamy pastel colors, it envelops you in a sense of romance and elegance. The ‘Whispering Breeze’ shirt is your perfect choice for embracing the charm of warm, sunlit days and creating unforgettable memories.

Color: Glow Blue
Fabric Composition: Linen
Fit: Relaxed
Model Height & Size: 170cm, M
Dhs. 730.00 Dhs. 900.00you save Dhs. 170.00