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Rosché Majestic Noir Sleeves Abaya Mint

The Majestic Noir Sleeves Abaya is a masterpiece of opulence and refinement. Crafted from sumptuous matte satin, this maxi dress exudes extravagance and elegance in every detail. The deep, rich noir hue enhances the dramatic effect, while the luxurious fabric ensures a silky-smooth touch and a flowing drape. The standout feature of this abaya lies in its sleeves, where an intricate and amazing design unfolds, adding a touch of regal allure. Perfect for formal events or special occasions, the Majestic Noir Sleeves Abaya captures attention with its grandeur and impeccable craftsmanship, making a statement that blends extravagance with timeless sophistication.

Color: Mint, Blush
Fabric Composition: Matte Satin
Fit: Relaxed
Model Height & Size: 170cm, S
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