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Promage Backdrop WOB2002 3*6M WHITE COLOR

  • The Promage WOB2002 3*6M White Muslin Backdrop is a versatile canvas that enhances your photography. This backdrop, made from high-quality muslin material. Offers a pristine white background for a wide range of creative endeavors.

    Whether you’re a portrait photographer, fashion enthusiast, or product shooter. This backdrop provides a clean and timeless canvas to showcase your subjects. Its 3*6M size offers ample space for dynamic compositions, allowing your subjects to take center stage.

    Setting up this backdrop is a breeze in both studio and on-location settings, and its compatibility with various lighting techniques ensures that you can achieve the results you desire.

    Elevate your photography with the Promage WOB2002 3*6M White Muslin Backdrop. A versatile tool that transforms your visual storytelling and brings your creative ideas to life.

  • Compatible with : Digital & Camcorder Camera
  • Brand : PROMAGE
  • Accessory Type : Photographic Studio Equipment
Dhs. 168.00