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Pearl Mother Embroidery T-Shirt


In a realm beyond the everyday, a vision in white emerges. Elegance personified, she's shrouded in a cloud of serenity, untouched by the noise of the world below. Pearls, nature's testament to endurance and time, encircle her, each one a story of resilience. This is no ordinary spectacle, it's a dance of elements - the ethereal charm of the clouds, the enduring allure of pearls, and the timeless grace of a lady in white. A trifecta of beauty, strength, and serenity, it's a sight that speaks volumes. In the grand theatre of life, this is a scene that captivates, enchants, and inspires. A testament to the power of elegance, resilience, and serenity. A moment in time, forever etched in the annals of beauty.


  • Pearl Mother Art embroidery 
  • 100% Interlock Cotton
  • Standard Fit
  • Made in UAE
Dhs. 195.00