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Overflow Tote Bag - Marine

Resolutely contemporary, the Overflow Tote is distinguished by its art deco influenced monogram, the brand's emblem. 
Subtle and timeless, Overflow Tote offers a lively and chic look to the silhouette. Its size and removable pouch are designed to hold all your daily essentials. Made from supple and light Premium coated canvas, its leather finishing gives it an impeccable fit. Its thin handles allow it to be carried comfortably on arms or shoulders.Craftily, the Overflow Tote inner carabiner closes in a lateral way allowing to obtain a smaller form as well as and an optimized security.


  • Central magnetic closure
  • Interior carabiner
  • Comes with a removable pouch
  • Handbag and shoulder bag
  • 48 x 27 x 15 cm (Length x Height x Width) 
  • Premium coated canvas / Printed: Eulalie monogram
  • Leather trim
  • Delivered with a protective cover
Dhs. 6,269.00