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MONTiGO Pastel Ace Bottle Mega

There are two designs in this series, and both are available in two sizes: 530 ml and 950 ml.
The first design is the Ace bottle comes with a free interchangeable Sprout lid so you can switch it up according to your needs. Created with A2 food-grade steel, the bottle is thermoregulated, allowing you to keep your beverages cool for up to 18 hours and warm up to 12 hours. The material used is free of BPA/BPS and is eco-friendly. 
We know how messy condensation on bottle surfaces can be, and that’s why these bottles are made with no-sweat technology to eliminate this problem entirely. Finally, the Ace bottles are available in neutral as well as pastel colors like mint, lavender, and pink to brighten up your day.
The second design is the Metallic Ace bottle, which shares all the Ace bottle’s characteristics and is available in unique colors like pink mauve, scarlet red, pine green, etc.
Dhs. 169.00