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Heartless Shirt


Egyptian infinite symbol and JTV heart printed shirt with short sleeve.

Je Te Veux

Nature, human, art… The endless field of thought and production surrounding the three determines the heart of Je Te Veux's art and the source of its synthesis. Je Te Veux products are a sense, a dream, a feeling; Remind you the 'aesthetics' that you wonder about the secret behind the 'philosophy'. For this reason, it appeals to every body and every soul with its borderless design approach.

Product Story

Phantasmagoria Part 2- Night Dreams Collection

It encourages you to be 'as you want' and helps you to be 'you', to reflect 'yourself'.

We have created this collection, most of which is made of Vegan fabrics, so that you can show yourself and express yourself freely without being bound by borders!                            

%100 Cupro    

%100 Vegan -certficated fabric.  

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john morley

I recently made a purchase from LINK store, and I am extremely satisfied with the entire process. The website was user-friendly, the ordering process was seamless, and the product arrived on time and in perfect condition. Thank you for a fantastic experience!