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Hausbrandt GOURMET Compatible Capsules


Hausbrandt GOURMET Compatible Capsules                                                

Ground roasted 100 % Arabica coffee blend Gourmet.

A selection of fine 100 % Arabica coffees makes this blend elegant and sophisticated.

A coffee with a spicy, citrusy character, marked by delicate sweetness and a refined acidity.

Hermann Hausbrandt was Captain in the merchant marines and also a multi-talented genius. In 1892, he founded his gourmet roasting company Hausbrandt in Trieste. That's where the history of a city melts with that of a man. Hermann Hausbrandt took advantage of the port to select only the best of the incoming coffee beans and commissioned the best resident roasters to process them as gently as possible. In the end, the product was the perfect balance of smell and taste: the Hausbrandt coffee. 

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