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Cuffs Wings


For those with their head in the clouds. Cuffs decorated with cubic zirconia in the Marquis cut evoke associations with wings: they are about to fly away and carry a girl’s thoughts into endless dreams. They are fixed by a curved anatomical hook - a fastener that follows the shape of the earlobe. To put on the cuff, it is enough to determine the pairing: left and right cuff, then slightly pull the earlobe, thread the cuff into the puncture and “lead” upward towards the cartilage, lightly press once by 1 mm. One earlobe puncture is enough for wearing. Made from 925 sterling silver, decorated with white cubic zirconia of the highest quality. Covered with precious platinum group metal - rhodium (rh), which prevents the product from darkening. Does not contain nickel and lead. Wing length 2.1 cm, wing width: 5 mm, smaller chain length: 1.9 cm, larger chain length: 2.5 cm.

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Dhs. 150.00