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ALAN TRUMAN Shampoo Brush mint Green (SOS- mint)

  • Shampoo brush that can be used for scalp massage, product application and spread. Helps with shampoo lathering and scalp cleaning
  • Promotes blood circulation and removes product build-up. Scrubs and cleans the scalp allowing easy breathability to hair follicles
  • Releases tension and stress while promoting hair health and growth. 100% waterproof for wet use under or off the shower
  • Features 43 food-grade silicon, flexi-hollow pointed bristles for effective scalp cleaning. V-shaped won't tangle your hair; great for curly and wavy hair
  • Perfect size for hair of any length, type and texture. Ergonomic shape, size and form-factor

No-nonsense, no-frills, styling tools for fabulous hair at home!
When we envisioned Alan Truman as brand, we decided that we wouldn’t be swayed by the trends and fads of the time. We will stick to the basics. This is where the foundation of the value-pillars was laid. Anything that goes through this checklist is Alan Truman. Everything else is just not.
Dhs. 89.00