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ALAN TRUMAN Detangling Brush Grey Pink (DT01)

  • The bristles are made of an innovative compound that enables them to flex even with mild pressure and also detangle like magic.
  • The arrangement of long and short bristles ensures the detangling process is pain-free and frizz-free.
  • This Detangler is water proof, hair treatment chemical proof and oil-proof and easily cleanable and washable.
  • This is not just a detangling brush. You can use this wonderful tool to spread your shampoo, conditioners, masque, or any other product or just plainly comb your hair or as a finishing brush too.

No-nonsense, no-frills, styling tools for fabulous hair at home!
When we envisioned Alan Truman as brand, we decided that we wouldn’t be swayed by the trends and fads of the time. We will stick to the basics. This is where the foundation of the value-pillars was laid. Anything that goes through this checklist is Alan Truman. Everything else is just not.
* This product is non-returnable
Dhs. 89.00