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ALAN TRUMAN Blow Brush oh so gold

  • All-in-one - convenience of a dryer and styling brush; helps save space, time and money!
  • Can be used straight out from the shower after nominal towel drying
  • Ionic technology helps reduce any probable heat damage. Helps to add instant volume and shine
  • Combination of bristles drives away frizz without pulling or tugging your hair
  • Ergonomic construction, shape and form; lightweight and easy to maneuver. Maximum airflow due to its unique vent system

No-nonsense, no-frills, styling tools for fabulous hair at home!
When we envisioned Alan Truman as brand, we decided that we wouldn’t be swayed by the trends and fads of the time. We will stick to the basics. This is where the foundation of the value-pillars was laid. Anything that goes through this checklist is Alan Truman. Everything else is just not.
* This product is non-returnable
Dhs. 279.00